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¿qué es la celulitis? ¿Y como se puede prevenir?

What is cellulite? And how can it be prevented?

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a frequent bacterial infection of the skin that causes redness, swelling and pain in the contaminated area. If it is not, it can be extended and cause serious health problems. Good wound care and hygiene are essential to stop cellulite.

Many types of microorganisms can cause cellulite
Different types of microorganisms can cause cellulite, which is contamination of the deepest layers of the skin. This section focuses on one of the most frequent causes of cellulite: streptococcus, or team A.

How cellulite contracts

Experts do not know how microorganism enters into the body of many humans with cellulite. Sometimes they enter through a skin reduction, such as a wound or a surgical lesion. In general, cellulite does not contract any other person.

Signs and symptoms

Cellulitis usually appears as a painful area in the skin that is soft to the contact and is red, swollen and hot. Pores and the affected skin can have in addition to depressions, such as the skin of an orange, or blisters. In some human beings it also causes fever and chills. Cellulite can appear anywhere in the body, but it is more frequent on feet and legs.

Can it be prevented?

There are a series of precautions that can be taken to reduce the risk of cellulite or other infections. There are a number of tips that can help us fight cellulite and localized fat.
To start, when we have a skin wound we must follow the following steps:

  •  Wash it every day with cleaning soap and water
  •  Apply a protective cream or ointment
  •  Cover it with a bandage
  •  Observe viable symptoms of infection

It is necessary that human beings with negative circulation or diabetes observe additional precautions. This will help keep pores and skin lesions away:

  •  Examine your feet daily
  •  Hydrate pores and skin regularly
  •  Cut the nails of the feet and hands carefully.
  •  Protect the feet and palms of the hands with footwear and gloves.
  •  Quickly treat soil infections of pores and skin.

In case cellulite reappears, the expert can also recommend a series of preventive antibiotics.

Cellulite treatments

The cure is based totally on the use of a subdermal approach that produces a change in the texture and appearance of the skin. The most frequent are:

  •  Manual lymphatic drainage
  •  Mesotherapy
  •  Radiofrequency
  •  Ozonotherapy
  •  Liposuction
  •  Liposculpture

Any cure against cellulite should be combined with a healthy eating and the prohibition of saturated fats. When the sport is added, the final result is much better. And as soon as products are included to restrict it, it is no longer seen.

Massages that work against cellulite

If you have carefully read our recommendations so far, the time has come to act at once to end cellulite and the most fantastic way is to damage the adipocytes and fat accumulations that cause the irritation of the subcutaneous tissue and help your body to drain all that fat and toxins towards its waste channels.

To do this we advise you 1 infallible component to get rid of your cellulite in a short time and avoid leaving the sagging that regularly accompanies any loss of volume.

Anti -cellulite massage and vibratory sagging: Energy method against cellulite:

The anti -cellulite massage and vibratory sagging with infrared 5 in 1 | Bronfit © It is the anti -cellulite device par excellence.

Unique in the world, copied tens of times, however only the Anti -cellulite massage and vibratory sagging with infrared 5 in 1 | Bronfit © It has such an effective engine and such an unique scheme to rub all areas where cellulite accumulates.

A massage of 20 minutes a day following our indications will be enough to achieve the results that are seen from the first session.

In addition, not only works against cellulite, but also performs up to forty different treatments.

This massager has a wide variety of speeds to easily choose. Simply choose the preferred mode, loosen and enjoy a brilliant Shiatsu massage experience. The deep tissue massage heads are completely interchangeable and can be used anywhere in your body to promote a physical massage that relieves stress.
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