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Eco Shower Bronspa
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Bronspa: a new revolutionary shower artichoke that sweeps Europe
By the Bronmart editorial team | 2022
A good shower means a good Hegiene!


An incredible new shower head designed by two passionate engineers breaks sales records worldwide. It is in the process of conquering the European market. Thousands of consumers add to the movement "towards a better shower."

Why has this product been so popular?

Prevents lime, chlorine and other impurities enter the water thanks to the natural mineral pearls of the handle. These pearls of tourmaline, Germanio and clay naturally filter the impurities of water. This Improves the status of the skin and hair quality.In addition, it can prevent skin irritation and scalp caused by hard water. The product has been made Especially popular among people who have dry skin or hair..

Unique facial hair removal strategies

But that is not all. Bronspa shower head too Reduce water consumption. The shower head is equipped with hundreds of microaguases that reduce water consumption to 60%. This will avoid water waste and reduce your invoice. My husband and I have two children. Each of them shower up to date. The shower artichoke has amortized in just 2 months of use.
Also, Microaguases increase water pressure to 250%, for a more pleasant experience and massage effect. The shower artichoke is adjustable to 3 levels of jet for comfort. With my old shower artichoke I always used the same jet, while with Bronspa I change between 3 modes. After the first time, I noticed that I did not scratch me when I left the shower. After 15 days, my skin and my hair became softer and my muscle tension was released.
The Bronspa shower head is very easy to install. It is compatible with all showers and bathtubs. Their nozzles are universal and settled in about 30 seconds. Usses the old man's artichoke and replace it with the new one. It is very light and easy to handle (and only weighs 190g, the weight of a mobile).
With the Bronspa shower head, its water will be as pure as thermal water, providing the pleasure of a more comfortable and healthy shower.
How can I buy Bronspa?
He can buy The Bronspa Teleducha on the official website by clicking here.
The manufacturer of the Bronspa shower heads not only offers a 50% discount To celebrate the launch of this product, but also offers a completely free delivery in orders greater than € 50. Hurry up, The offer is for a limited time!
If you have more than one bathroom, take advantage of the opportunity to ask for several blinks and get an additional discount. You can also offer it to your family and friends.
Our opinion
We have read thousands of positive comments about this product. After having tried ourselves, we are pleased to confirm that this product is great.
We have read thousands of positive comments about this product. After trying it, we are pleased to confirm that this product is great.
The pleasure of the shower takes to a completely new level. It is almost like having your own spa at home. We strongly recommend that you do with your Bronspa while available with a 50% discount and express shipping.
  • Increase water pressure for a more comfortable and relaxing shower
  • Reduces water consumption, thus reducing its invoice
  • Avoid inlays, chlorine and other impurities causing water to be purest
  • Three relaxation modes (start, soft and deep massage)
  • Elegant design: a great complement to decoration of your home
  • It is professionally packaged, an excellent gift
Enjoy the pleasure of showering as in a spa with clean water, a powerful stream and an ecological gesture!

Happy customers


Water savings are very noticeable. With the previous artichoke he opened the tap to the maximum and with it in half pressure it comes left over.


I'm lovin 'it. Nice and looks of good quality. It comes with recharge stones to replace. I recommend it .


I'm lovin 'it. Nice and looks of good quality. It comes with recharge stones to replace. I recommend it .

Recommended 100%!

At the moment it works very well happy with the purchase, the filtering of the water is noted on the skin.

Limited stock!

Take advantage of our offer!

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