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What is an air fryer an air fryer or airfryer?

An air fryer is an appliance that allows you cooked in oil.

How does an air fryer work?

The oil without oil uses a low oil level, which makes it a healthier option than the traditional fryer.

The fryer works by circulating hot air around the food, cooking them uniformly and quickly.

What is an air fryer an air fryer or airfryer?

What can be cooked with the air fryer?

With the air fryer without oil you can prepare From the traditional potatoes fries to Chicken Nuggets, croquettes, meatballs, flesh and fish hamburgers, fried fish, cookies either chicken wings.

Also, can do Churros, potato tortillas, fried eggs, Onion rings, donuts, chicken fingers, papillote fish.... Practically everything. Any recipe you can think of for the traditional fryer or the pan, and Even many of those you do in the oven, like cake, can be done in an oil without oil.

What is an air fryer an air fryer or airfryer?

What should I consider before choosing an air fryer?

Due to the excessive demand for oil without oil, there are currently a wide variety of models in the market, so there are 6 components to reflect before deciding on the fryer without adequate oil for your home:

Power: Cooking in an air fryer takes longer than in a pan, so it is necessary to think about its power. If it is greater, the cooking time will be less. In our online store you can locate equipment from a thousand W to 1800 W.

Ability: There are air fryers with capabilities between 1 and 7 liters, depending on the model, you must take into account that 1 l yields to assemble two portions and 7 l to sevenor eight portions.

The size: You should reflect on the amount of house you have on hand to buy your appliance. Remember that the bigger the capacity, the greater the fryer.

Cooking functions: It is always necessary to reflect on whether it has some more functions, since some air fryers can also bake, toast, roast or cook food.

Thermostat: It is very necessary to prepare dinner at unique temperatures, so take note to ask the seller or prove that in the specifications that the air fryer has a temperature regulator.

Timer: This characteristic is very beneficial for human beings who do many things at the same time, so if you want a reminder to make you understand when your meals are lists, you cannot put aside a timer in your air fryer.

Characteristics and benefits:

-Bre oil: This fryer makes use of little or no oil, which makes it a healthier element for you and your family.

-Easy to clean: The oil without oil is easy to clean and transport, which makes it a first class alternative for households that move.

-In addition to frying, it works like a mini oven: The oil without oil can also be used as a mini oven, which makes it a versatile cooking device.

-Arval of oil: The oil without oil uses little or no oil, which makes it a more reasonable option.

What is an air fryer an air fryer or airfryer?


The oil without oil is a healthier option for the people who like to take care of themselves. In addition, it opens the possibility of creating new recipes without so much effort.

It is a team that really is worth buying. It has many benefits in time savings, since in a short time you will have your crispy and delicious meals.

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