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Plancha de vapor VS plancha convencional - ¿Cuál es mejor?

Steam Iron VS Conventional plate - What is better?

Steam Iron VS Conventional plate - What is better?

Conventional plates do not seem to have any possibility against steam plates. In most cases, users have been too satisfied with the results obtained when using this product. Steam plates have been designed to provide a much faster way to eliminate wrinkles from clothing. In most cases, a garment will only need a few minutes to stay soft and beautiful. This is much faster than conventional plates, which usually take several minutes to generate similar effects on clothes. If you are thinking of buying a steam iron for you, there are a number of things you should keep in mind before making a final decision.

  • Steam plates do not burn clothes

Steam plates do not burn clothes. They are designed for careful use and, if used correctly, they can provide reliable years of service.

  • Are they suitable for delicate garments?

Steam plates are an excellent choice for delicate garments. They produce a smooth and sharp line without applying too much pressure, which can damage the tissue from the garment. Most market steam plates have a stainless steel body and at least one removable plate, allowing you to easily adjust the temperature to the right amount for the type of tissue with which you are working. Some steam plates even have a digital screen that allows you to know exactly the water temperature inside it.

  • Iron, and also clean?

A good steam iron is a tool that can clean, iron, sanitize and repel germs. It is a product "all in one" that saves you time and money.

  • Is it also worth for home clothes?

You can use the steam iron in all types of tissues, including cotton, polyester and silk. Vertical plate can also be used in difficult spots on clothes or curtains, as well as furniture.

  • An ideal complement for travel

Steam plates are an ideal accessory to travel. By not needing a table and having to use it with clothes hanging in hangers, you will never have to wear wrinkled clothes by having transported it on the suitcases. In a few minutes you can have all your immaculate clothes.

  • Save time and money

Dry cleaning is a very expensive process and it takes a long time. The equipment should be thoroughly cleaned before each use, and requires a lot of time and energy. Maybe you wonder if there is an easier way to clean the clothes dry. The answer is yes. Steam plates can save you money by reducing the amount of time you spend on dry cleaning and eliminate the need for multiple dry cleaning trips.


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