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How to choose the right luggage for trip

How to choose the right luggage.

Here are some tips when choosing proper luggage. Import or billing? This is a big question. I have never been very much supportive to bill the luggage, especially because of the risk of being damaged. If you are like me, you prefer to take the necessary and travel lightly. However, it may be inevitable in special situations such as family trips, possible emergency situations (we hope not) and long national flights that require passengers to divide their belongings between a handbag and a larger bag stored in the upper compartment. These trips can easily leave travelers with too many things to be comfortable taking everything behind their backs. That is why I always opt for the luggage of hand in these situations.

Consider your options

When you start buying luggage, it may be easy to feel overwhelmed by the different options. There is everything from canvas bags and backpacks to traditional suitcases and everything else. Usually, backpacks are usually the best option for short trips in which it is not necessary to take a lot of luggage. They are also great to take them over and avoid bilgreing them; This helps you get to your destination before.

Think about size and maneuverability

Think also in size and maneuverability. Be sure to take into account also the size of your luggage. Usually, you will want to choose a bag that is big enough for your trips, but it can be taken as a suitcase. If you are going to buy a luggage to travel by hand, make sure you meet the airline's requirements regarding the hand luggage dimensions. The most common is around 22 "x 14" x 9 ". Otherwise, you may be forced to bill your luggage with additional charges.

Hard or soft materials

Hard or soft materials? The material you choose for your luggage is also important. In general, rigid suitcases are more durable and offer greater protection for their belongings. Although they are heavier and potentially less easy to handle, rigid suitcases are a great option if you carry delicate objects or you plan to travel with many things.

Look for a luggage with practical characteristics

The luggage is really designed with the traveler, and there are all kinds of convenient features and components that you can find if you are looking, including waterproof bags, ability to upload your devices, and even lights to illuminate your luggage while traveling. Some smart suitcases come even with built-in battery packs that can be used to charge their devices while traveling. This is great for those who are tired of having to find a plug to charge their phones, tablets or other devices at the airport. You just have to make sure that the battery is charged before leaving, and you can keep your devices with energy regardless of where your trips take you. Before buying smart luggage, be sure to stay up to date with the guidelines related to the trip with electronic devices.

Choose a suitcase that stands out

How frustrating is when other people grab your suitcase or can not find it in the luggage rack? This is a common problem, especially among the "simple" luggage designs. The unique designs not only facilitate their location on the conveyor belt, but can also help you stand out among the crowd.
When buying a luggage, be sure to look for features such as resistant wheels or elegant handles that help you take it by an airport or try to find it on the baggage collection carousel.

Do not forget the security

Safety and protection should not be forgotten when buying the best luggage. This is even more important if you travel with valuables, such as electronic devices. For example, always carry your valuable objects in the luggage, especially if you have expensive appliances. It is not possible to do it always, but it is even so essential for your comfort and tranquility. If you do not have any more remedy, always make sure your billed suitcase has good security elements and locks.
Whenever you land in a new city and claim your suitcases at the airport, it is important that you review them quickly to make sure nothing is missing. In this way, if something is missing, you can start the claim process to your travel insurance company as soon as possible.


There are endless considerations to keep in mind when buying a new travel luggage. Ultimately, it is about finding pieces that adapt to your travel needs and preferences. Fortunately, in Bronmart we have modern options that adapt to your needs. Take a look at our quality, durable and stylish suitcases today and enjoy the free shipping on two days on all orders.




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