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Cuidado del cabello: 10 consejos para elegir el cortapelos, la afeitadora, el clipper o la depiladora adecuados.

HAIR CARE: 10 tips to choose the clipper, the shave, the appropriate clipper or the shaft.

There are several methods to preserve hair and motivate your healthy growth. Depending on the size and quantity of your hair, you may also prefer to use a trimmer, a shave, a blade or a shaft to be fixed regularly. All these devices fulfill special functions, so it is necessary to choose the one that is suitable for you. For example, some trimmers are for ordinary conservation only and can be used daily. Others have a couple of accessories that allow them to exchange them depending on the size you decide for your hair; This makes it less complicated for you to use these trimmers as an alternative of enough exceptional equipment every time you choose a new look. If you are wondering about the purchase of a tracker, shaving, razor or shaving machin, examines these recommendations first:

How to choose the right tool for hair care. 

It is necessary to choose a device to cut the hair that is suitable for your hair type. For example, if you have thick hair, you can also choose a machine or cutter with a large blade to avoid hooks. Similarly, if you have sensitive skin, you can choose a machine with a hypoallergenic blade. To obtain exceptional results, you also have to find out how often you will use the device and what size you prefer. For example, if you prefer to have as long as possible, you can choose a clip with an extensive blade and a 23 cm size. If you prefer a fast haircut and want to get rid of your hair quickly, you can select a trimmer with a thin blade and a 5 cm size.

Decide your price range and recognize your options.

First, determine what your budget is before starting buying a hair care tool. If you have a strict budget, you can prefer to buy a guide hair cutter. However, if you are willing to spend a little more, you can also want to buy a semi -automatic or fully computerized device. Depending on the type of device you choose, it can be worth 50 and 150 euros, and some reach 300 euros. Next, you must find out what your alternatives are. There are specific types of trimmings, shave, machinillas and shafts, so it can also be less complicated to reduce their alternatives if you understand what types of devices are available. For example, you can find trimming with guides and electrical, shaving and electric trimmers and electric trimmers with incorporated scissors.

There are types of trimming, shaving, clipping unique. 

When deciding on a hair care tool, you have to think about the type of equipment that is preferred to buy. Here are some examples: - Manual machinillas - These machinillas are excellent for those who prefer to keep extraordinarily short hair. They are appropriate for all hair types and are easy to use. However, they are not appropriate for these with thick hair due to the fact that it can be difficult to use when it comes to cutting thick hair. - Cut Electric - These clipped are easy to use and can be used in humid or dry hair. However, they can be very expensive and can stop working properly if they heat too much. - Electric shaving - These shaving are appropriate for all hair types and can be used both dry and wet. They are barely cheaper than the machinillas and can be bought in most pharmacies. - Hair trimmers - These trimmings are fantastic for those who prefer to keep their hair at a positive length. They are perfect for people with thick hair, since they can adjust according to the length to be cut. - Cut them with built -in scissors - These clipped are the best for those who prefer a short haircut and want to be finished quickly. They are especially suitable for people who have thick hair.

Wireless or cable: Which is better?

If you are looking for a trimmer, shaving, hair cutter or shaving that can be used both indoors and outdoors, you can also think about buying a wireless device. However, keep in mind that the battery will run out faster if you use the system for a long time. If you want an apparatus that can be used inside and connect to a power outlet, you must choose a cable device. You can also think about connecting the device to a surge protector to avoid damage if there is a voltage climb at home. 

Check the brand and its reputation before buying. 

Before making a purchase, you must check the popularity of the company and find out if other people have felt comfortable with their purchases. If the team you want to buy comes with a guarantee, it can also be a precise notion to ensure that you recognize what it covers and for how long.

Look at the size of the blades and make sure they are suitable for your hair type.

If you have thick hair, you have to choose a clipper or trimmer with a huge blade. If you have thick hair, you have to choose a clipping with a thin blade. In addition, you must make sure that size is suitable for your hair type. For example, if you want a fast haircut but you have thick hair, you can choose a clipping with a fast blade.

Choose a hair cutter with more than one function if you are going to use it regularly. 

If you plan to use the equipment regularly, you can also choose to choose a trimmer that has several functions. For example, if you prefer to keep your hair short, you can select a fast blade trimmer. However, if you prefer to hold your hair for longer, you can choose a trimmer with a long sheet.

Find out what type of blade the equipment you want to buy and check your sharp.

You can find a hair cutter that works well, whether you have long hair and if you have it fast. However, you should ensure that the blades are sharp and are suitable for their hair type. If you have thick hair, it is great to look for a gadget with sharp blades that can reduce hair, in addition to obstruction.

You can look for a cutting tool if you want to have a unique length around your head, not only at the bottom of your hair.

If you prefer to keep your hair long at the top of the head and reduce it at the bottom, you can use a cutter with a reducing tool. This machine works well if you favor the lengths of a good one in one of the components of a type of head.

Some of the best clippers, shaving and razoring machines that you can buy online

1- Affair, precision, facial cleaner and cleaning kit 5 in 1 | Bronbeauty ©

Precision trimmer, facial cleaner and personal care kit 5 in 1

The precision trimmer, It is a multifunctional shaving machin 5 in 1, facial cleaning brush, precision trimmer, nose trimmer and soft facial sponge. This unit has 5 removable head kits to meet your cleaning needs.

The 4D floating cutter is painless,Hypoallergenic rotary shaving with flexible 4 -directions heads that slide gently along the curves and contours that the perfect savings give without waste. The shaving head can be used for the shaving of the bald head of the women's legs or legs. Patilla trim.

Cut them with guide combsFor different hair and beard styles.Hair trimmer for nose and ears. Facial cleaning brush. Dry or wet, with or without razor foam, even in the shower. The razor, precision, facial cleaner and cleaning kit 5 in 1 is ergonomic and easy to grab and use, either in the head, in the beard or anywhere else.

Affeita near the skin without causing irritations such as blows, wounds or burns.It is designed for men who enjoy shaving their heads but are tired of using fasteners, navajas or outdated blades and want work to be done quickly and correctly.

The razor, precision ismade to meet your demandsand make the shave fun.Is water resistantand can be washed directly under the tap. After turning each blade, the hair can be totally removed. Everything in a perfect one for the needs of men.

Fast charging per USBFor 2 hours,Enjoy 90 minutes of shaving.Convenient and intelligent design, it is very suitable for home use or trips.


2- Hair cutting machine and wireless professional shaving | Bronbeauty ©

Hair cutting machine and wireless professional shaving
The wireless professional cut and professional -shaving machine isA professional hair cutterwhose Leaf is made of carbon steel and autoafilating ceramics.The bronze body has an exquisite, retro and elegant carving pattern. The leafy machine allows you to easily design hairstyles and contours. The romo edge design of the blade achievesA cut without holes without damaging the skinSEE MORE

3- Hair and body hair cutter | Bronbeauty ©

Recover control of your style!

The new hair and body hair cutter | Bronbeauty © It is the perfect "at home" solution to keep your hair clean and trimmed from head to toe! Trim micropulide stainless steel sheets are linked with titanium and turn at 200 rpm for a more powerful precision cut, while the 90 ° sheet angle offers the ideal position for a natural comb and cut experience. With five (5) comb accessories, you can get the perfect length for your style and can outline and cut easily. In addition, hair and body hair cutter | Bronbeauty © extends 40 mm complete to provide the perfect power position for difficult areas. A soft touch, non -slip grip and a built -in LED focus make hair cutter and body hair | Bronbeauty © is everything you need for a total personal hairstyle at home!


Following these recommendations to select a shaving machine o Cut them Adequate is crucial not only to save money, but also to have a first -class hairstyle in addition to losing life in the attempt. In summary, before buying your razor, try to examine the product or ask everything you can to the seller so that you do not regret your new purchase.

See Quality Speed ​​at the best price!

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